Persistent knee pain can diminish your quality of life and make it difficult to get through the day. We’re thrilled to provide knee pain relief without surgery through COOLIEF® radiofrequency ablation treatment. As an advanced treatment option for patients suffering from chronic knee pain, COOLIEF®  can benefit many types of patients. 




COOLIEF®  is a minimally-invasive, non-opioid treatment option for knee pain. As the first and only FDA-approved radiofrequency treatment for osteoarthritis knee pain, COOLIEF® is a leading option for patients experiencing moderate to severe OA pain. 


How Does COOLIEF® Work?


COOLIEF® is a non-surgical treatment that works by targeting the nerves sending pain signals to the brain. The treatment deactivates the nerves using radiofrequency ablation with water-cooled technology. This makes it possible to target a larger treatment area for a greater probability of pinpointing the pain-transmitting nerves. 


During a COOLIEF® treatment, a radiofrequency generator is used to transmit a small current of RF energy through a probe. The probe is positioned within the tissue and ionic heating, and then deactivates the irritated nerves that send pain signals to the brain. 


Water-Cooled Technology


As the tissue is heated, water is circulated through the device to expand the treatment area. The inclusion of water-cooled technology is unique to COOLIEF® and sets it apart from other radiofrequency treatments. 


What Are the Benefits Of COOLIEF®?


It’s Non-Surgical.


COOLIEF® is a non-surgical treatment option for knee pain and involves no incision. No general anesthesia is used for the procedure, and you can go home shortly after the procedure has been completed. 


It Doesn’t Involve Opioids.

Opioid medications aren’t involved in recovery from COOLIEF® treatment. Patients may experience some discomfort after the procedure, but it can be effectively managed with over-the-counter medications. 


Patients Enjoy Improved Mobility.


Patients with osteoarthritis knee pain report improved long-term mobility and quality of life. 


The Results Are Long-Lasting.

COOLIEF® treatment can provide relief from chronic knee pain for up to 12 months.  


The Recovery Time Is Minimal. 


COOLIEF® treatment is minimally-invasive, which allows for a quick recovery period. Most patients experience relief from knee pain just one to two weeks after the treatment. This is a far shorter recovery period than surgical treatments, which generally require months of rehabilitation to achieve pain relief and regular physical function. 


It’s an Effective Alternative to Steroid Injections. 


When compared to steroid injections, COOLIEF® for knee pain shows greater results for pain relief, physical function, and patient satisfaction.


To learn more about COOLIEF® for knee pain, contact us today.