Lower back pain is a widespread issue among Americans today. Back pain can keep you from getting through the day comfortably and may keep you from participating in your favorite activities. A facet injection is a non-surgical procedure that can help you achieve lasting pain relief. 


What Are Facet Injections?


Facets, or facet joints, are the joints that connect the vertebrae in the spine. When this area becomes irritated or inflamed, lower back pain can result. 


A facet injection is an injection of an anesthetic and anti-inflammatory medication into one or multiple facets. A very small needle is used for the injection, and multiple injections may be performed at once depending on the extent of your back pain. Facet injections are performed at our procedure center using image guidance through fluoroscopy (x-ray) or ultrasound (sonograph).


What Can Facet Injections Be Used to Treat?


Lower back pain can be caused by inflammation in the facet joints. Joint degeneration and arthritis may be at the root of facet joint inflammation. Facet injections can help ease lower back pain by bringing down the inflammation in a non-surgical treatment. Many patients experience back pain relief immediately after facet injection treatment. 


In addition to treating pain in the facet joints, facet injections can be used for diagnostic purposes. Facet injections can indicate whether or not the source of your pain is in the facet joints. After recording the results of the injection, we can move forward in a treatment plan for pain management. 


What Are the Benefits of Facet Injections?


Non-Surgical Pain Relief


A facet injection is a minimally-invasive alternative to surgery for back pain. By opting for a facet injection, patients can enjoy a faster recovery period and avoid the risks involved in surgical procedures. 


Quick Procedure 


Facet injection treatment can typically be completed in an hour. The injections alone usually only take a few minutes. The rest of the treatment time will be dedicated to speaking to your doctor, preparing for the injection, and recovering in the recovery area after the injection. 


Improved Mobility


By relieving inflammation in the facet joints, facet injections can improve patients’ mobility in the lower back. With an improved range of motion, you can more comfortably complete day-to-day activities. 


For more information about facet injections and how they may work for you, contact us today.