Viscosupplementation for Knee Pain

If you’re suffering from knee pain due to osteoarthritis, viscosupplementation is an effective non-surgical treatment option to consider. Viscosupplementation uses hyaluronic acid to restore cushioning and mobility to the knee joint. We offer multiple injection formulations, including Gelsyn® and Hyalgan®, for viscosupplementation treatment.


What Is Viscosupplementation?


Viscosupplementation is a treatment for knee pain involving hyaluronic acid injections. Hyaluronic acid is a thick, naturally-occurring substance that can be found in synovial fluid, which surrounds the joints. It provides cushioning and absorbs shock, allowing the joints to move smoothly over one another. 


When injected into the knee joint through viscosupplementation, hyaluronic acid can reduce pain and improve range of motion. This non-surgical treatment option is most commonly used for osteoarthritis in the knees. 


Patients who aren’t experiencing adequate relief from physical therapy and over-the-counter pain medications but want to avoid surgery can often benefit from viscosupplementation. With minimal recovery time, short treatment sessions, and no incisions, it’s an excellent alternative to surgery for many patients. 


We offer Gelsyn® and Hyalgan® for viscosupplementation treatment. These leading options provide unique benefits for patients suffering from knee pain due to osteoarthritis. 




Gelsyn® is a hyaluronic acid treatment from Bioventus, a top provider of orthobiologics. It involves a series of three injections, with one injection administered every seven days. The formula is developed with next-generation hyaluronic acid manufacturing technology, providing the highest level of pain relief. Gelsyn® is specifically designed to provide optimal viscosity for joint lubrication and protection. 


Gelsyn® can provide relief from knee pain for up to six months. Each injection takes about 10 to 15 minutes to administer, and most patients should avoid strenuous physical activities for a few days after each injection. 




Hyalgan® is a viscosupplementation formula containing hyaluronate, a naturally-occurring derivative of hyaluronic acid. For most patients, it’s administered as a five-injection regimen with one injection per week. However, some patients benefit from three injections administered at weekly intervals. 


Hyalgan® can provide relief from knee pain due for up to six months. It’s generally used as a treatment option for patients who aren’t receiving relief from over-the-counter pain medications or physical therapy. Hyalgan® may also be used alongside OTC pain medications, exercise, and physical therapy to relieve knee pain from osteoarthritis. 


To learn more about viscosupplementation for osteoarthritis knee pain management, please contact our experienced team today.