Patient Testimonials

"Four years ago, I had a stroke. This resulted in a chronic pain in both knees. After consulting a lot of doctors to no avail, I finally found Dr. Chaturani Ranasinghe. She suggested I should have a nerve block injection in my knee. I now have relief in my leg. Dr. Ranasinghe and her staff are very professional and kind. They really took care of me. I am feeling relief from my aches and thinking of getting the shot in the other knee."


 "Dr. Chaturani is the most caring and knowledgeable doctor I have ever seen. The caliber of healthcare is unprecedented, starting at checkout, continuing through the nurse visit and finishing up with Dr. Ranasinghe's 'Best care methods'."


"The service your office provided me for a painful foot brought it to now be pain free.  Thank you and your staff."
"I am being cared for by Dr Ranasinghe for pain associated with lumbar stenosis. I found her and her staff to be sincerely concerned and engaged with finding the appropriate treatments to alleviate my pain. I would strongly recommend them to anyone with chronic pain as I am experiencing. I want to thank them for their efforts in treating me. An extremely competent and welcoming staff."