If you’re experiencing muscle tension and pain, a trigger point injection may help you find relief. This minimally-invasive treatment is available at our facility for all types of patients. 


What Are Trigger Point Injections?


A trigger point injection can be an effective treatment for muscle pain. It targets trigger points, which are tight or painful areas in the muscles. Many people refer to trigger points as “knots” in the muscles. Large knots can often be felt when you press down on the affected muscle. 


Trigger points develop when a muscle doesn’t relax, often due to stress, overuse, or trauma. When a trigger point forms, it irritates the surrounding nerves, causing pain in various areas of the body. So by releasing a trigger point with a trigger point injection, it’s often possible to relieve pain throughout the body. 


Trigger point injections are commonly used for the neck, arms, legs, and lower back. To administer a trigger point injection, a small needle will be inserted directly into the trigger point. A trigger point injection contains an anesthetic and, for some patients, a corticosteroid. 


The injection works by neutralizing the trigger point. By rendering the trigger point inactive, the injection relieves irritation to surrounding nerves. Trigger point injections are performed at our procedure center with image guidance through fluoroscopy (x-ray) or ultrasound (sonograph).


What Can Trigger Point Injections Be Used to Treat?


Trigger point injections can be an effective treatment method for muscle pain. Common conditions that trigger point injections can be used to treat include: 


  • Chronic pain

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Myofascial pain

  • Headaches


What Are the Benefits of Trigger Point Injections?


Pain Relief Without Surgery


Trigger point injections are non-surgical procedures. By avoiding surgery in pain management, you can steer clear of incisions and lower your intake of prescription medications. 


Short Recovery Period


After a trigger point injection, you can typically resume your normal activities the next day. While you shouldn’t partake in strenuous physical activity in the first few days after the injection, you can engage the muscle immediately after the procedure. 


Quick Results

Some patients experience pain relief immediately after a trigger point injection. For other patients, it typically takes one to three days to feel the full effects of the injection. 


Eradicate Pain Throughout the Body


By relieving a knot in a muscle with a trigger point injection, it’s possible to release tension and irritation affecting the entire body. This leads to pain relief throughout the body after a trigger point injection -- not just in the treatment area. 

To learn if a trigger point injection could be right for you, contact us today.